Enterprise Backend as a Service

ZenQuery allows you to easily access databases through a REST API without any programming knowledge required. Get SQL result sets as JSON, XML or CSV data, which can easily be processed by tools such as MS Excel or in your own applications.

Set your data free

Many enterprise companies amass huge amounts of data in many different data stores. Data is kept in silos, which are usually hard to access. Creating new applications that make use of this data such as mobile apps is hard and often takes a lot of time and unnecessary overhead.

"The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed." - William Gibson

While today REST APIs allow you to quickly and flexibly access data and services from a multitude of sources, putting internally available data to good use is still comparatively difficult. ZenQuery is an 'enterprise backend as a service' that alleviates this problem.

ZenQuery provides you with an instant REST API for your SQL queries. Anything that can be expressed by SELECT * FROM ... ZenQuery turns into a conveniently accessible API.

ZenQuery is a Java EE application that's securely hosted on your servers. No data ever leaves your company!

Please click here for an overview of some ZenQuery use cases.


  • Generate REST APIs from SQL queries.
  • Access your data in JSON, XML or CSV formats.
  • Supports all major RDBMS (including Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and MySQL).
  • Entirely hosted on-premises. Your data stays with you all the time!
  • Conveniently edit your SQL queries and preview your data.
  • Version control for SQL queries.


Please click here for trying out a ZenQuery demo (please use ZenQuery / pP2XLieKb6 as username and password):


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