Use Cases

Mobile app for local commerce

A news publisher has a great idea for a new mobile app: Personalized, local news and deals from local businesses.

They have all the necessary data that's just waiting to be put to good use: Geotagged news, business and address data.

However, this data is buried in various databases.

Normally the publishing company would have to build new custom software for getting the data out of their data silos and into their mobile app.

With ZenQuery they can simply query their data from their new mobile app using a REST API that returns easily processible JSON-formatted data.

Product details for online shops

A large retail company wants to bring its eCommerce offering into the 21st century.

They already have an online shop but it's largely been neglected over the years:

  • It's hardly optimized for search engines.
  • Product updates need to be done manually. Hence, updates are always late, if they're done at all.

ZenQuery allows this retailer to extract all their product details from their catalogue databases and render those as nicely formatted, search-engine-friendly HTML views.

Just enter an SQL SELECT query and let ZenQuery do the rest.

Management reports

The management of a large logistics provider wants to track the flow of goods and associated revenue on a corporate dashboard website. They also want to import this data regularly into an MS Excel sheet to further analyze this data.

There's lots of complex data structures involved and the data changes rapidly. Up until now they would've had to develop a dedicated application that extracts the necessary data and transforms it into a format that can be easily processed by both their dashboard app and MS Excel.

ZenQuery now provides this company with a simple REST API to their database that both renders JSON data for use in a dashboard web app and also returns CSV-formatted data that can be easily imported in MS Excel.

ZenQuery's powerful API also allows them to supply parameters for pivoting tables or filtering result sets.

Product search on corporate websites

A manufacturing company sells a huge amount of diverse machine parts. They want to provide an easy-to-use product search engine on their corporate website that allows their customers to easily access product specifications.

The company's product database has grown tremendously over the years. Making this data searchable will be no easy feat.

ZenQuery solves this problem by providing a searchable REST interface to legacy databases and modern data stores alike. All you have to do is enter your database connection settings and ZenQuery automatically generates an API for all of your database tables and views.